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Creating an Analysis Report???


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I have created a database with a field defined as "SOURCES". This field is a drop down menu, with a substanial value list. Each record does contain a date field defined as "ENTERDATE"


I want to create a script that will display each value from the list in the "SOURCES" field and report the number of incidents throughout the database.


The data must be catagorized by date(in the form of quarters Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) and report a grand total(yearly) for each value in the list of the field "SOURCES".


I would deeply appriciate anyones thoughts how to create this script.


Thanks soo much,

Matthew :eek:


PS: The purpose of this report is to be able to analyize where our sources come from and when.

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Do you want to show where no values for a source have been entered as well as/or just those source fields that have been used.


You can create a calc field to work out which quarter the month falls in from the enterdate, and then create a report with subsummaries sorted by quarter and source. Add a summary count field to count the number of entries.


If you want you can email the files to me and I can look at off list.


What version of FMPro are you using?

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Thanks SOOOO MUCH for the support.


Yes I would like the values to report back as 0 if they do not appear with in the date range (Q1, Q2, ect...).


I will need help with creating the correct calc fields and summaries for the layout.


I will email you first thing in the morning (EST). I have a report that my client has been doing by hand in excel. He would like a similar format. I will also Send the database, it's about 700kb compressed. I would love any suggestions you may have. I really appriciate your help, thanks from the bottom of my heart.


BTW, I'm using FMP 5.5






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