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When you need to select on 2 fields.....?


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I am trying to fix a problem for a friends business in an exisiting Filemaker Pro database and am a bit lost. The report requirement that they have to to generate reports by Total Sales, Retail Sales and Wholesale Sales. Each reports can be for a specified date range or by year, month or week. Here is how it was set up, for example, for Last Year (excuse the lengthy setup here)


Select Button to select ThisYear

- Button attached to script "This Year"

- This Year script performs a subscript to Clear fields Report Date 1, Report Date 2, Invoice Date Year, Invoice Date Month, Invoice Date Week

- Insert Calculated Result [invoice Date Year, Year(Today)]

[select entire contents]

- Insert Text [Report Code, "This Year"]

[select entire contents]

After selecting this button, you are left in FIND Mode on the Report Screen.


If you choose Total Product Sales option, it works fine (by year, date, week, month)

If you choose Wholesale or Retail, you still result in Total Product Sales... and no wonder, the scripts that are called are exactly the same.. So I thought I simply needed to modify these Retail Sales and Wholesale Sales scripts to then select if Category = "retail" or Category = "wholesale"


I would have assumed that I could enter a script command to Find Category = retail, but from the documentation I guess you cannot enter this, but rather have go to the master record and enter Find Mode and type in "retail" in the field., then create the script. Then, the find Category = retail will be visible in the script if you print it (not when viewing). I did this creating RETAIL SALES script. It seemed to work.


I tried to combine these 2 scripts somewhat by doing the following:

- Created Total Retail Sales Script

- call Retail Sales as a subscript

- go to the same layout that Total Sales uses


This did not work and I am lost. Can someone suggest any good documentation or provide some pointers?

Is there an editor that lets you use my SQL standard statements that I can use?



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