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inserting pictures


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I use an AppleScript to insert pictures or rather previews of pictures into a container field. Filemaker is supposed to support Tif, Gif, JPEG, PCT, PAINT (Macintosh) and EPSF formats.

Everything seems to work when importing picts and jpeg, but as soo as I try to import a tif or epsf format nothhing happens. If I try to import manually in the filed I get a message telling me that Filemaker ran out of memory, but with 180 MB in RAM that sounds wrong...

Anybody knows what happens?

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It seems that Claris XTND Translators are the problem, and that this has been a problem with Filemakers import of pictures since version 3 at least. I tried to find out what versions of Claris XTND translators I need, but it seems impossible to find anything about it. Neither Filemacer.com nor Apple.com gives information about that. Reistalling Filemaker is not sufficient.

Some problems in the import of pictures seem to come down to Filemakers inability to recognize JPEG, TIFF and EPS files made by Photoshop 6, but if I save the same pictiure from QuickTime PictureViewer (4.x) Filemaker can recognize the JPEG, but not the Tiff.

Does anybody know JPEG error # 25?

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