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Sorting Scripts by Name in FileMaker with MBS Plugin


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SortScripts.jpgOn every travel you learn something new. At a FileMaker developer meeting in Montreal, we discussed about what people miss in FileMaker and a plugin could add. And the wish several people mentioned is to sort scripts in the Script Workspace.

We got several challenges here to solve. First this is not like on the script, where we can just add a custom contextual menu. There is already a FileMaker contextual menu, so we have to intercept the menu and our own entries, which seems to work fine so far. Since the implementation depends on the things we made to show Script IDs, the two features are linked currently.

The next one is to actually do the sort operation. There is not much to leverage except that you can manually reorder them with the mouse. Our plugin can do that by telling you started a drag at one spot and then release it to another spot. You may see the entries moving as far as animations are happening.

Please try it out soon in 12.2pr1 in early April.

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