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Ways to import images to FileMaker


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Several ways to import pictures via MBS FileMaker Plugin:



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Digital Camera 




Import images from your flatbed scanner or document feeder. Quite a lot of printers now have built-in scanners to do photo copies.

Record video from your webcam in the computer or from external video camera.
Show preview and take pictures.

Import pictures from your DSLR. Have it take a picture manually or every few seconds and download it to FileMaker.

Take pictures with your iPhone
Either with an app on the iPhone or by starting the process

For macOS, try ImageCapture functions to receive images from flatbet scanners. 

For Windows use WIA functions with Windows Image Acquisition API.

If you have an older device with TWAIN drivers, check the TWAIN functions.

Our AVRecorder functions allow you to check for Audio and Video devices on macOS and Windows, show a preview, start recording and take snapshots.

The IKPictureTaker functions allows you to show a little panel, which can take a picture on macOS for a picture of the user. 
Same for iOS with ImagePicker functions.

For macOS, use ImageCapture to import images from your digital camera. In tethered mode, send commands to take new pictures.

For Windows, check WinPhotoAcquire functions to import images from your camera.

Your Mac can connect to local iOS devices nearby (same iCloud account) and ask the iPhone, iPad or iPod to take a picture with our ContinuityCamerafunctions.

Within an app with FileMaker iOS SDK, you can use the DocumentCameraScan functions.

Beside those, you can check MediaLibraryBrowser for macOS to import an image from your Photos library.

You can use our FileDialog to show customized open and save dialog boxes. And with DragDrop functions, you can accept Drag&Drop of files, text, pictures, URLs or Emails on your layout.

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