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Windows Photo Acquire for FileMaker


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For MBS FileMaker Plugin 12.1, we have new WinPhotoAcquire functions to import images from digital cameras on Windows. You can take your DSLR, take a pictures, connect it to your PC and then directly import images to FileMaker. Our functions use the standard dialogs from Windows to perform the action and give the user the usual Windows workflow.

The WinPhotoAcquire.ShowSelectDeviceDialog function can show the dialog to pick the device:


Then the WinPhotoAcquire.Acquire function can start the import process. If a device is not selected, it may show the dialog from above. Then it may look for what images are on the camera:


Next you see a dialog to pick whether you like to review images or import all:


This is the dialog to select images to import. This may allow you to unselect all and pick a series from today.


Then the import runs and images are stored in a folder on your computer:


The WinPhotoAcquire.Files function then can provide you a list with the file paths to import to containers with Container.ReadFile as in our example database.

Available in 12.1pr2 or newer.

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