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SyntaxColoring Updates


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For MBS FileMaker Plugin version 11.5 we got a few new improvements for the syntax coloring.

First, SyntaxColoring.AddTag can now do formula tags with wild cards. Just define a tag with stars on beginning and end to get that color rule applied on the end over all other rules:

MBS( "SyntaxColoring.AddTag"; "formula"; "*deprecated*"; "red" )

This rule would mark everything with deprecated in a formula text with red color. Great if you have fields you want to get rid off. Rename the field to have deprecated in the name and then walk your way through calculations to easily spot the field name.
We got a new way to color comments in calculations. When we detect a comment with // or /* in your calculation, we can pick up the first word after that and lookup if a special color is defined. We look first in formula colors and then in script step colors for this with the # prefix. For example you may define a generic comment color. Then maybe define a few more special colors like one for #todo, another one for #fixme or one for #warning.

We hope those coloring options help you. Check the new fmSyntaxColorizer for a clever GUI to setup all the options or do it yourself via our SyntaxColoring functions.

Join Russell Watson on Thursaday on FMTraining.tv live broadcast talking about fmSyntaxColorizer and check older recordings on YouTube.

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