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Can a record of Parent, have more than 1 relationship-key to child table?


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Since I am a newcomer in FM, and lack of English.. I've search in forum and cannot find solution.. 

I want to make solution with scenario here:
[parent-table] Agreement fields:

  • regs, number
  • signing party 01, text
  • signing party 02, text
  • signing bystander, text
  • agreement topic, text


[child-table] CLIENT fields: 

  • client ID, text
  • client Name, text
  • client Addr, text
  • client Phone, text


The Final result I want is to make an agreement letter, that contain all signing-party in one record of Agreement tabel.
today, have been met parties:
Party 01,
Name  :
Address :

Party 02,
Name:  Address

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