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How to identify missing 'Store Only As A Reference'

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I am aware that in some of the images in my container fields I have failed to check the box 'Store Only As A Reference'

Is there a way to identify those particular records?

Thanks in advance

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Yes.  GetAsText (YourContainerField) will return a single line of text, the name of the file, if the image was stored NOT as a refernece.  But for the records where it is stored as a reference you'll get multiple lines of text:


filemac://Macintosh HD/Users/eurosoba/Documents/Pretty Pix/YourFile.png

So if you loop looking for the absence of a hard return in GetAsText (YourContainerField), the positives will be those not stored as a reference.  Or else empty.


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Thanks for this, I can now identify what I need. Out of interest, how would I 'look for the absence of a hard retirn' ?

Thanks again!

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Let ( CtrAsText = GetAsText (YourContainerField) ;

PatternCount ( CtrAsText; "¶")



If you're looping through your records, you can just make that assessment and when it is 0, and the container field isn't empty, you've got an image actually stored in the container field, not a reference.  




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