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Hi All, 

First time posting here.

I have a couple of reports (List layouts) that have around 1500 records and I have 5 or 6 sort criteria's that I obtain by clicking buttons with scripts.

All of this works fine but what I would like to accomplish is having a field at the top of the page and when I type a person's name the system would jump to that record line so that I can obtain the record number row.

I don't want to narrow the list down with a Find, because the row number changes according to how many records are showing.

Then I can resort the list by clicking the next button and then typing the person's name again and this would show what row no is applicable.

Maybe an easier way would be to have a button with a script so that I do not have to re-type the person's name 5 or 6 times, where the button would jump to that row.

I have included 3 screenshots showing the same report sorted in 3 ways showing the record numbers on the far left and how the persons name is different each time.

I hope this makes sense.

Thankyou in advance.






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