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Inserting in a table with data from another table


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Hi I have two tables, users and orders, connected to each other with the Users PK and the relative FK of Order.

In the format that is based on Order I wish I could enter a user element in the FK field so you don't have to type it. I remember that in Access you could choose to take the data from a table different from the one on which the form is based and its fields but storing it in the correct field. In FileMaker I couldn't understand how to do it, if you can obviously.


Thank you

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Can you give an example of what you'd like to happen?  I'm not following your description, which isn't really written in FileMaker-native terminology, which makes it difficult for me to understand.  (For example I don't know what you mean by "the format that is based on Order" — When you said "format", did you mean form?  Unclear on "I wish I could enter a user element in the FK field so you don't have to type it" —  Why would you be manually typing a foreign key value?  And I'm not familiar with the term "user element" — you mean any kind of user interface that the user would be interacting with?  )

 But as best I can parse it, it sounds like you either want to:

a) create a new record in Order and create the parent record on-the-fly for the Users record that this Order will be a child of;


b) create a new record in Order and also edit some of the field information for the existing Users parent record

You can do either of those things in FileMaker although there are some order-of-operations concerns that need to be dealt with for option a (you have to actually create the Users record first).  If you can give an example, with some sample data for Order and User that you would want to input or edit, it will be easier to give you an example of how to go about it.


Edited 3/13/21 with apologies for original abrasive tone.  No hostility intended, I guess I was just in a MOOD last night.

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Here is the FileMaker approach to "type B" (create a new record in Order and also edit some of the field info for existing Users parent record):



You (the end user) can manually type in a new order in the next portal row of the Orders table.  It has a blank row waiting for you because the relationship is defined as allowing records in orders to be created via this relationship.  On this same screen you can edit the corresponding fields in Users -- the fields up above the Orders portal.



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