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Enable HiDPI aware web viewer for FileMaker


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With latest pre-release we added the WebView.SetInternetExplorerHiDPI function to switch on the HiDPI aware more for FileMaker application (or runtime). See comparison picture:


In your start script you can just call this function once to enable it:

MBS( "WebView.SetInternetExplorerHiDPI"; 1 )

When this option is active before web viewer is created, the web control will display the content high-dpi aware and zoom to 100% independent of the DPI of the display. 

In earlier blog post we recommended to use JavaScript to zoom the website:

MBS( "WebView.RunJavaScript"; "web"; "document.body.style.zoom = \"200%\"; ")

But this is no longer needed on Windows once the web viewer zooms correctly.

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