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Running Count restart


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I use Filemaker Pro 5.0 
I am struggling with running count for a specific value
What I want to do 

Each time I create a new record a specific number is given to that record (in my case a B number , for example B0100) 
I've put a running count on that field , so it increase by 1, 2, 3 etc ...
When I want to create a new record with B0101, I want that the running count is restarting with 1.

How is this possible in Filemaker 5.0 ? 

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I don't understand what you want it to do.  If the "B" number goes up by one for each new record, B0100 is immediately followed by B0101.  

If you have a separate field that is "running count", it would have a 1 in it if it started out with 0 for B0100.  It would have a 2 in it if it started out with 1 for B0100.  If you want it to start over with 1 after only making one record (from B0100 to B0101 sure looks like only one record), what would it ever be a running count OF??



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If I create a new record I give it a number (In my case B0100) , this number repeat for several records but need to have a running count per B0100. (B0100 / 1 , B0100 / 2 , B0100 / 3 , ... 

After the B0100 number is done (this number is used as a requestnumber and put in the FM database)
I want when I go to B0101 the running count starts over at 1  and counting (Running count) until I go to B0102 ... In other FM databases you can restart the running count. But in FM 5.0 I don't have this option. Does a specific calculation would support here?

Many thanks for your reply  

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The field that contains the B0100 or B0101 or whatever:  I am going to nickname it BNumber for purposes of this example.  

Make a selfjoin relationship of BNumber to BNumber.






Now create a calc field defined simply as 1, let's name it One.  Now create a calcfield defined as Sum (SelfJoin::One)+1, and let's call it FetchCount.

Finally, define your Count field.  Set it to auto-enter the value 1, and then *also* set it to look up its value:  look up FetchCount from SelfJoin.




B0101 (first record) Count = 1

B0101 (second record) Count = 2

B0101 (third record) Count = 3

B0102 (fourth record) Count = 1


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I've putted in FM 5.0. And it works ! <Super  thanks ! 😀😀😀
Can you advise me when I duplicate records, when I duplicate a record the Count don't change automaticaly... 


Many thanks 




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