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Standalone version of FM


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The SSD card on my MacBook Pro failed. I thought my application software was backed up using Apple's Time Machine but evidently, when the SSD card failed it corrupted my backup files. The primary symptom of my failed card was frequent and unexpected crashes. The Apples store is closed due to the pandemic so I took my computer to an authorized Apple repair place. The tech salvaged my documents but said in spite of sever efforts could not rescue my applications, including FileMaker. I manually saved my applications by dragging them to an external drive but I don't have installers. I've been on hold on the Claris support chat line for an hour and decided to try this route. 

At this point in my life I am no longer working and don't want to pay monthly or annual subscription fees so I'm looking for a way to re-install FileMaker as a standalone application. What is the latest version of FM that is available as a standalone? What operating system does it require? Will Claris likely help me with that? What do we think of these authorized FM resellers?

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I bought FileMaker 19 as a permanently owned property requiring no annual subscription, so go for it.  They still do that.  Runs under 10.14 and newer things.  

Don't ever rely on Time Machine alone for your backups.  Time Machine is to back up your various files in all their permutations.  Get yourself a second external drive and use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a fully bootable complete replica of your startup volume.  Far more useful most of the time that you find yourself in need of a backup.


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