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Perform Script on server: Send Mail. Attachments not sending.




I'm sending my emails via the Perform Script on Server script step. The email goes fine. I want to attach a file to the email. It's stored externally in a container, and I've created a calculated filepath like this:


filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/RC_Data_FMS/NVHA Vision/NLG Wills & Estates/Mail Attachments/Attachment/Sample.pdf


the email sends fine, but the file is not attached. 


Any thoughts? Does FMS have access to that RC_DATA_ directory?



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I don't think so; it certainly didn't used to at any rate. I think on FmServer you (still) have to choose between the Documents folder and the Temporary folder.  Unless they changed the rules and I didn't notice, those are the [i]only[/i] two hard drive folders available to FmServer.


Set Variable [$Path;  Get(DocumentsPath) & "Sample.pdf"]

Perform Script on Server [SendMail_Script; with script parameter $Path]

... which executes as

Send Mail {using SMTP Server} - To/Subject/Body etc with attachment = $Path




The file (in this case Sample.pdf) does need to be copied to the FmServer documents path.




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