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Display a Field if there is data in a separate field


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I am using Filemaker 12 Pro.  I created a table called Monthly Taxes. I am getting all my fields from the related table, Invoices.

I want to display the sales tax only if the invoice as been paid.  There are a couple of fields from the invoice that I could use to indicate the invoice has been paid;

1) Payment Status which is a drop down box giving 2 choices; Paid, Unpaid

2) Payment Date

The Monthly Taxes layout has these fields: Month, Payment Date, Taxes Amount and Taxes Amount Grand Total which adds up all sales tax from each month.  I created a new field called Show Tax Amount.  It is a calculation field.  I've been trying to write a script to perform what I want; display the Tax Amount data only if the invoice is paid.

I am obviously doing something wrong because either the tax amount always shows or it gives me a zero.

Can you help me?


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