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Creating Quality Assurance Checksheets




Hey everyone,


I am trying to turn all of our inspection records into a digital format and I want to create an inspection check sheet for multiple different part numbers, with each part number having different inspection items and the total number of items inspected based on a sample size depending on the size of the lot. I was thinking of 2 ways to do this. I could either try to create a different layout for each part number I inspect and have different fields be the inspection items, and use a portal to create the checklist for each field, so if i needed to check 8 items for a lot just go down 8 times on a portal.


I also was thinking about using a portal to connect to a different layout and each record in the layout represent a different part number, but I don't know how to have each record have unique inspection items on each. All this could go into a main layout and if i typed in a part number in a part number field, it could auto populate the inspection items for that part number and then just have a portal go down a checklist for each item depending on the sample size. I don't really know how to go about this either way. If there are any resources or advice it would be greatly appreciated it.



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