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update total field

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i need to collect bought and sold quantity of stocks.   this is done in a portal (stock_transactions) which resides on the stock table layout.

stock _transactions is a many table to stock table.  it has::shares, price fees , sum shares and c_net_proceeds fields


sumshares totals the shares but it does not subtract for shares sold. (all numbers entered are positive)  so, i changed sumshares to a numeric field and tried to update it when i buy {a +) or sell (a - ) event.using an if the buysell field="Buy" then sumshares=sumshares+shares; otherwise sumshares- shares.      this fails,

so, what is the best way to do this?   or,perhaps fm can't do it at all??  not likely.........thanks for considering this

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Try this:

Create a calcfield in the stock_transactions record that turns the number to a negative if it is a "sold" record and leaves it as a positive otherwise.

Then create a sumshares field that totals up THAT field instead.


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