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Simple "If" calculation

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smb avi

I have very simple FMP files for a few clients.  For one, I manage a credentialing program.  When someone passes the credentialing test, I enter a "1" in the "C Passed" field (or if they have tried multiple times, it might be a number greater than 1).   What I want FMP to do is automatically enter a check box in the "C Installer Web" field.   Currently, I enter the check mark manually (the field has a value of "Y" so for reports it shows the "Y").   But it just seems that once I enter the number in the C Passed field it could automatically enter the result in the C Installer Web field.    This is what I came up with but it doesn't work.  I also tried a Y instead of the x but that didn't work either.   I know this is very simple but I'm just missing something I should be doing.   I went back to other examples of my "If" calculations but that didn't help. 

Field: C Installer web, set as a calculation field

If (C Passed = ">0"; x;0)

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