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Check out options for FileMaker JavaScript Integration


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The just released FileMaker version 19 brings some welcome additions to use JavaScript with web viewer. You can now use a script step Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer to run JavaScript within the web viewer on the current layout.

In MBS FileMaker Plugin, we have our own WebView.RunJavaScript function since version 1.3 from July 2007. That function has been upgraded as WebView.Evaluate end of last year for version 10.0 of our plugin to provide results back on MacOS, Windows and iOS.

The built-in functionality has an advantage the plugin can't provide, which is is having it work in FileMaker Go or Web Direct. But you first need to upgrade everything to FileMaker version 19.

As usual we expect that the majority of the FileMaker developers will be happy with the built-in functionality, but if you need more, our plugin can provide additional features. Here is a table to compare features between MBS FileMaker Plugin and FileMaker's built-in functions.

Feature Platform FileMaker 19 MBS FileMaker Plugin
Required FileMaker version FileMaker 19 and newer FileMaker 19, 18, 17 and older
Run JavaScript in web viewer FileMaker MacOS Yes Yes
FileMaker Windows Yes Yes
iOS with FileMaker Go Yes No plugin on FileMaker Go
iOS with SDK Yes Yes
Web Direct Yes No, plugin has no access to browser with Web Direct
Run JavaScript without Web Viewer FileMaker MacOS No Yes, see JavaScript or JavaScriptMac functions
FileMaker Windows No Yes, see JavaScript Functions
iOS with FileMaker Go No No plugin on FileMaker Go
iOS with SDK No Yes, see JavaScript or JavaScriptMac functions
Web Direct No Yes, see JavaScript Functions
Server Scripting No Yes, see JavaScript Functions
Returns result from JS directly FileMaker MacOS No Yes, with WebView.Evaluate, JavaScriptMac or JavaScript functions
FileMaker Windows No Yes, with WebView.Evaluate or JavaScript functions
iOS with FileMaker Go No No plugin on FileMaker Go
iOS with SDK No Yes, with WebView.Evaluate, JavaScriptMac or JavaScript functions
Web Direct No No, plugin has no access to browser with Web Direct
Server Scripting No Yes, see JavaScript Functions
Trigger script via FMP URL Yes Yes
Trigger script from JavaScript FileMaker MacOS Yes Yes, via WebView.AddScriptMessageHandler
FileMaker Windows Yes No, WebView.InstallCallback broke with newer IE versions. ServerSocketfunctions may work.
iOS with FileMaker Go Yes No plugin on FileMaker Go
iOS with SDK Yes Yes, via WebView.AddScriptMessageHandler
Web Direct Yes No
Pass file name for script: No, always current file. Yes
Available via Script Step Yes Yes
Available as Function No Yes
Available for Custom Functions No Yes
Data Types for parameter or return value Text only Text, Boolean, Number or JSON.
Set Webviewer to be silent No Yes, for Windows, see WebView.SetSilent
Run JavaScript synchronously No Yes
Run JavaScript asynchronously Yes Yes, for MacOS & iOS via option for WebView.RunJavaScript function
Works in runtimes No Yes

Let us know if you have a correction or addition for the table above. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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