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Relationship/Portal Issues


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 Hello Everyone,

I'll just start off by saying that I'm very new with Filemaker Pro

I'm working on building a database, and I'm stuck.

I want to make a screen that the User can easily see ALL serial numbers of a associted Module

So, It would filter out all the other serial numbers and only show the Module that is selected.
I can only get 1 of the 250+ records to show, and I want to filter it down to just 30(Each module has 30, and they're 13 module)

I want to make a screen that has a drop down of a selected module. When selected, it'll show all 30 discs(serial numbers)
I think I'm very close, but have had a impasse for 2 days now and I'm about to lose my mind.

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I forgot to mention this, When I make the Portal, It only show's a single row of data(29 empty rows)

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I'm having the same sort of issues Malcontent1 - any chance you might upload the file so we can see whats going on?

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