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We are a film production agency based in Vienna and need someone for custom programming. We already have a licence for FileMaker and need to adjust it in a certain way. Are there any freelance programmer out there, who want to help us? :)

I'm looking forward to your replies.

Thank you!

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Michael Rocharde

I can definitely help you with this having built many hundreds of solutions, over 33 years, for companies like yourself. I have recently released a development framework called NautilusFM, under an open source license which has already been downloaded in 28 countries). The example file that comes completely free has the fundamentals that you will need so you wouldn't have to pay for the 30+ hours this took to put together.

Take 10 minutes to watch this video showing that solution


If you wish to get the example file that you can play around with, go to


and fill in the simple request form and you'll receive an unlocked copy of the file. (you will need to download a trial version of FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced):


You can give this file to any developer you want but, admittedly I'm going to be, by far, the fastest since I know it intimately and others are just starting to learn the methodology which is a paradigm shift in how to develop FileMaker solutions.. If you like what you see and want to work with a very experienced and highly competent developer who is now, and always has been, on the cutting edge of FileMaker development, please give me a call (no obligation) to discuss exactly what you need.

Michael Rocharde, creator of NautilusFM
(303) 856 Five Seven Seven Eight

To check out my background and experience, please visit one or all of the following web sites


www.nautilusfm.com (a new development framework for single screen solutions) - fee ebook & example file which was released on January 3, 2020 under an open source (BSD) license) and which has already been downloaded by FileMaker developers in 28 countries

www.filemakercommunitycollege.com (a video based web site for FileMaker developers)

www.firesidefilemaker.com (a podcast site with John Mark Osborne, one of the preeminent FileMaker developers in the world - 14,000+ downloads and 23 episodes so far)

To help you make your decision, you may find one or more of these Fireside FileMaker episodes worth listening to.

Understanding the Development Process

FileMaker & Excel

The Data Separation Model

Native FileMaker Functionality

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