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Scripting with Go To Related Record with New Card window.


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Running a script that opens a Card with the Go To Related Record (GTRR). Inside this Card is a Portal where the user would select one of the many addresses on file. On selection i want the previous script executed to continue.

How does GTRR operate within a script that is executed? Will the script pause until a selection is made? or would i have to program it?

So far I have a pause script after the GTRR. Then i have a Button Script on the Portal for it to set variable to  the Location (loc_id) an well as close the window and placed another pause/resume script command in hopes that it would continue the primary script. But it isn't working

Main Script



and script on the portal button




If anybody can give feed back on what i can do to make this work.

Thank you in Advance.


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I Solved my own problem. I shortly realized after this post that once you run another script it stops the script you were running. So to combat this is what I needed up with.

I created a if command that would show the card and then halt the script.


Once the User selected on the Address on the Portal row it would run another script but added a Perform Script and directed to the above original script. (only extra thing was to change the $locid to a global variable ($$locid). Please don't forget to change all your Set Fields. or  you can just do a Set Variable [$locid ; Value: $$locid ] if there are to many to change.

Here is what i did on the Card layout Script when Portal button was selected.


Once $$locid had a Value in it. It would bypass the IF Command.


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