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Auto population of a field based on 2 other dynamic value lists


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Hi All,

I am building a personal diary.

It has 2 tables, Tasktimer (which category, task and times the activity) and Categories (which is a 3 field list of Categories, Tasks and Remarks).

I set up a relationship for the 2 tables via a Category field in both tables. This then allowed me to set up dynamic value lists, which I want to filter choices based on what is set in the Tasktimer table.

In the Tasktimer table now when choosing a Category, it shows me the list of categories from the Categories table. After choosing a category from the list, the task list is filtered based on the category. I would like the remarks field to auto populate with the filtered and one remaining item from the list of remarks in the Category table.

I'm struggling to do this, I can only ever get the remarks to filter based on the Category field and not the Task field. If i can do this, then there will only every be one outcome for the remarks field.

Jesus I hope this makes sense :S

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