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Script Edit to Omit Invoices with a balance

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Hi there,


I inherited a Filemaker database at a new job and I am trying to correct a pre existing script to Omit records with a invoice balance greater than 0.

I have tried to edit this script with an If Function and a Omit function and both cause the resulting report to choose dates out side of those commanded in the [ Select ; GallerySales::DateInvoice ; Gallery Sales ::g_criteria ] command. 

And advice would be appreciated.


Current Script:

Go to Layout ["A/R Report w/Details" (GallerySales) ; Animation: None]

Enter Find Mode [Pause : Off ]

Insert Calculated Result [ Select ; GallerySales::DateInvoice ; Gallery Sales ::g_criteria ]

Perform Find [ Restore ]

Sort Records [ Restore ; With Dialog : Off]

Enter Preview Mode [ Pause : On]

Perform Script [ Specified : From list ; "Print or Not to Print" Parameter : ]

Enter Browse Mode [ Pause : Off] 

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Steve Martino
Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off]
Set Field [YOURTABLE::BalanceField] ; "*"]
Perform Find [ ] 

Should find records with a balance.  Make sure you take 'Restore' out of your 'Perform Find'.

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