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Should I be using progressive backup?

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I have 8 customers that updated to FMS18 in the last month and 3 of them have had there server crash since. In the latest crash some data was lost as the database would not recover after being corrupted. It was not the end of the world but it has me considering progressive backups.

 My server has 46 databases ranging from very small to just under 50GB on the largest one. We have 8 users logged in making changes often. So it seems like progressive backup would be a good idea. But I have some questions on how it works and if I should use it.


  • Do people use progressive backup and do they like it?
  • How dose it work if you have auto backup turned off and you use scheduled backup? I'm just not sure how to restore them.
  • If you have to use auto backup can you store the backups on a NAS?
  • If you can't store them on a NAS can you change how many backups are kept to less than 7?
  • Do you need to use the C drive or can all the data be stored on other local drives? I ask this because in a test I found that even after setting progressive backup location to the F drive it increased my C drive use by what looks like a full copies worth of all my databases. My C drive is OS only and was never intended to be used as storage.


Other information

  • FileMaker 18 for both workstations and server
  • Windows server 2019 standard
  • All databases add up to 255GB
  • 32GB ram
  • Database drive is 1.79TB
  • all backups are moved to NAS keeping 7 days backups
  • Currently all backups are managed with backup schedules
  • Auto backup is turned off because I could not find a way to limit the amount of backups and could not back them up on the NAS
  • I also do a weekly backup online using a combination of backup schedule, Iperius backup, and Crashplan.



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