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Michael Rocharde

NautilusFM - Update

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Michael Rocharde


Since releasing NautilusFM to the community, under an Open Source License, download requests have been pouring in from, so far, 22 different countries which just goes to show you how far the FileMaker community has spread and how interested developers, especially in-house ones, are in looking at a new development methodology.  All of these requests have been fulfilled however there are a couple where the email address is either out of service or not correct. Since I have no way of reaching out to those people, if you have requested the Example file and have not heard back, please send yourself an email to check if the issue is my end or yours. Either way, reach out to me directly by phone at (303) 856 5778 so we can make sure you get the Example file.

To all of the people who've taken the time to look at the Example file and email me with questions/comments, thank you so much.

To read the FAQs,


To view a video on the Example file,


To request the Example file


Michael Rocharde


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