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Michael Rocharde

Arriving on January 3, 2020

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Michael Rocharde


Over a year ago, I started an ambitious project; to develop a FileMaker solution where everything happens on a single screen. It has been much more work than I had anticipated but 8 projects later, it has been defined and refined to the poiint where it is now bulletproof and will work for any solution for any industry.

On January 3, 2020 I will be releasing NautilusFM to the community under an open source (BSD) license so that anybody and everybody can benefit and learn from it. The release includes a comprehensive ebook with step-by-step instructions and an example file to illustrate all of the techniques and methodologies used; that example file could easily be used as a basis for projects and contains the basis functionality required for every business

NautilusFM is a framework, a methodology for development.  To read the background story


NautilusFM is NOT a FileMaker solution although the example file is.

To find out exactly what NautilusFM is


If you have a company or organization and want to find out how NautilusFM can benefit you


To watch a quick tour of the NautilusFM example file


To get a copy of the completely unlocked and open Example file, please fill out the simple request form


As soon as the file is ready, you'll receive a copy of it via email.

I'm excited to share it with the community.

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