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Manage Database failed to close


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I opened Manage Database and created a relationship in there. Then, I clicked "OK".

After that, my cursor started spinning and the Manage Database failed to close (Please see that attached picture)

It has been spinning for 3 hours.


Is there anyone knows how to resolve this issue ?


Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards,




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It sometimes means a bad network connection to the hosted database, with potentially bad consequences for the database structure.

You didn't say whether you were managing a hosted database or a local one though.  Obviously it doesn't mean that ( i.e., doesn't mean what I just said above ^^^) if you're editing a local database.


Another thing (a less scary thing) that it can mean is that the field specified in your new relationship was not indexed, and the database is now indexing it; and that the table in question has a few zillion records, so it's taking awhile.  Let it tick along and do its thing for a couple hours before giving up on it.  It may be fine.



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