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Michael Rocharde


With the release of Cloud 2.0, hosting a FileMaker solution has become more complex due to a myriad of choices. With our special guest Marc Larochelle, we’ll go through the assortment of hosting options while comparing and contrasting them. By the end of our conversation, you should have a good idea what flavor of FileMaker hosting is best for your business.


Supporting documents you might find useful

FM Server versus FM Cloud for AWS: https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-cloud-for-aws/compare.html
FM Server versus FM Cloud 2.0: https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-cloud/docs/fms_vs_fmc_wwe.pdf
FileMaker Cloud for AWS tech specs: https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-cloud-for-aws/1-17-technical-specifications.html
FileMaker Cloud Tech Specs: https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-cloud/2-18-technical-specifications.html
FileMaker Server Tech Specs: https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/18-technical-specifications.html
FileMaker Platform (version 18) deprecation list: https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Deprecated-and-removed-features-in-FileMaker-18?language=en_US

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