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How can I add a page break within a layout part?

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I have a layout where each body record has fields containing the number of credits a student has in a certain category.  I have summary fields that total the credits by category and are printed in a subsummary part when sorted by student.  So far so good.  But below the totals, I want a multiline text edit field that contains "Additional Notes" for the student.  Because the credits and total take up most of the page, I want the page to break after the totals, go to the next page, and print the text box with "Additional Notes".  I tried making another subsummary when sorted by student in which to put the "Additional Notes" field but I can't create two subsummaries when sorted by the same field.  I've thought about adding a second "copy" of the name and sorting on that for the second subsummary but it would be a heck of a lot easier to just add a {pagebreak} command right before the "Additional Notes" field.  Looking through various forums, I fear that such a command does not exist.  Is there one?  Anyone have a better solution (I haven't tried mine yet, it may not even work!).  Thanks.


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