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Michael Rocharde

A View from 30 Years of FileMaker Experience - Part 2

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Michael Rocharde


Marc Larochelle, CEO of Productive Computing, is a FileMaker veteran with almost three decades of experience. In Part 2 of this exclusive interview, we get his expert perspective on subjects like APIs, Cloud 2.0, hosting, AWS, plug-ins, the development process, Claris Connect and much more. Marc’s keen insight into the FileMaker market will help you understand the complexities of this ever changing environment. Please come join us around the campfire and enjoy our conversation with Marc.


COMING SOON - November 6

How secure are you? with special guest Steven Blackwell

A fascinating conversation with Steven Blackwell (Mr. Security), author of the one and only FileMaker Security book. Steven has written (or co-authored with Wim Decorte) dozens of white papers, is a multiple winner of the FileMaker Excellence Award, and the only Platinum Emeritus member of the FBA. Steven talks in depth about this background and goes into depth about all the aspects of FileMaker platform security. 

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