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One to One Relationship

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Back in ver3 I did a solution with a One to One relation.  Three tables, 1) Sales, 2) Settlements, and 3) Stats.  That solution had one record per day.  My script checked for the requested date record if found showed it, if not created it.  As I remember, I only created the Sales record.  Settlements and Stats were only shown as related data.  That is my experience with one to one. 

Now in Ver17 I am wanting to merge two solutions I have.  These solution with archiving PDF documents.  The first solution stored single-page documents.  The PDF is stored in the table.  The second solution is storing multi-page PDF documents.  The documents are stored externally.  This is the more finished solution.  I want to merge the two solutions, as they are both related to accounts receivables.  The first solution is the billing, i.e. sending the invoice to our customers.  The second solution is archiving the invoice as well as all back up documents related to the invoice, i.e. packing slips, orders, quotes, customer purchase orders.  There are also payable invoices for our drop ship customers.  Since we scan our payables to a different solution, I do not want to duplicate that for the drop ship customers.  

What I want to do is have a record added to the archive table for each record added to the billing table.  The archive layout would show the PDF if it imported with storage external, or show the image if the image is stored in Billing table.  I have a calculation field that works for that.  So the end user looking at the archive will not know where the actual PDF is stored.  Right now the solution is used by those of us with Filemaker on our desktops.  But I am thinking it would be used via Webdirect to other user groups in the company.  

Can a relationship between Billing and Archive be such that a record gets added to Archive when importing to Billing?  Or do I need to script an import between the two?

I did post this question, worded differently; on the Filemaker.com message boards.  No responses.  The newly designed community boards there are very frustrating.  I really need to finalize this.  

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