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How to display HTML-formatted data?

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I have 150 business records in a  Filemaker database. Each record has a text field called “Reviews”. This field contains HTML-formatted data, summarizing the business’s online reviews, which we  gathered elsewhere then imported into Filemaker.

Like this (for a business called “A-1 Self Storage”):

<h1>A-1 Self Storage</h1> <ul class='social-data'><li class='social-item'><h6><a href='https://www.yelp.com/biz/a-mini-storage-austin-2' target='_blank'>Yelp</a></h6><p>Rating: 1.5, 13 reviews</p></li><li class='social-item'><h6><a href='https://www.facebook.com/A1SelfStorageAndFleaMarket/' target='_blank'>Facebook</a></h6><p>Rating: 4.5, 2 votes</p></li><li class='social-item'><h6><a href='http://www.a1pflugervillestorage.com/' target='_blank'>Google Reviews</a></h6><p>Rating: 4.8, 10 reviews</p></li></ul>

How I can display this field’s HTML data in a more readable format?

I've tried putting the Reviews field in a Web Viewer, but no luck. It doesn’t have to be fancy—I just want to be able to quickly look over the 150 businesses review summaries.

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