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[ANN] 24U Software has a new website and updates all plug-ins

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Prague, CZ -- June 28, 2019 -- 24U Software has released a completely new company website, making it easier and faster to find relevant information about 24U's services and products. Along with the new website release, also all our FileMaker plug-ins were updated to no longer depend on any 3rd party license validation services and to perform better especially with the recently released FileMaker 18 platform.

24U has been known for providing great and easy to use plug-ins for the FileMaker platform for over 18 years. Over time our expertise has expanded to cover performance optimization, custom app development, FileMaker consulting, software and hardware integrations, and long-term systems maintenance for customers all around the globe. So we have re-designed our website from the ground up to reflect our whole current range of services and make it easy to get in touch with us.

The new website is available at https://www.24uSoftware.com and you all are welcome to check it out. We're also open to any feedback or ideas, so don't hesitate to be critical and let us know what you like or dislike. We look forward to hearing from you!

Since eSellerate has recently announced an end of life of their services, we have also updated all our plug-ins to use a new way to verify license validity, independently on eSellerate, so that they won't stop working due to not being able to verify valid license.

We also included latest minor improvements and optimizations in the new build of each plug-in, including optimizations for better compatibility with the recently released FileMaker 18 platform.

This update is available free of charge and recommended to all customers using the current version of any of our plug-ins.

Get the updates at: https://www.24usoftware.com/tools


This announcement is intentionally brief to not bother members of this mailing list who are not interested in detailed information. To read complete Press Releases, please visit the following page:



24U Software offers solutions for people, not for computers!\0x2028


HOnza Koudelka
Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o.


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