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Doug Thomson

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FileMaker Pro is a wonderfully intuitive piece of software, but that presents its own problem for plodders like me. It works so easily and nicely for most things, I've been using it without really understanding its power. I want to put an end to that and am looking for resources (books, etc.). However, my experience with reference books for other software has been mixed ... much mediocre, some good and little excellent. What do all you expert types recommend for FileMaker Pro 5.5 that fits the excellent category?

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I still didn't found any, and I am looking 10 years already.


I've learned everything by "practice makes perfect", by hard work and by mistake. Fortunately now we have the web smile.gif

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I use 2 books:


Filemaker pro demystified

using filemaker pro 5


I think this 2 books are the best on the market.

Try to understand the examples on the CD's.

Don't buy beginner books because then you

better use the manual.

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