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Web development/Design Templates

David Bamford

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Hello FM fans! I am starting out in FM and am looking to set it up for my small business.


As I am new I would like to get something that might let me hit the ground running.


Does anyone out there have a template for web design?


Thanks for any help.



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I do not want you hold back, but you will need:


a) some basic programming skills

b) some relation database skills

c) some basic HTML skills

d) plenty of time

e) knowing JavaScript wouldn't hurt either


But you can always ask on forum if you are stuck.


The only problem with beginners is, that they do false start and then they fire at us question No. 479. They do believe, that what they did is good and only this small problem No. 1 is there and do not recognize it is in fact problem number 479.


Start slowly, and ask simple question immediately when is something unclear.


Or hire pro consultant.

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