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Use fields from two records

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I’m tracking property tax assessments in our town for multiple years.  In the past, I’ve brute-forced it, with a single parcel table and fields like EAV.2015, EAV.2016, etc.  Over the years each record has ballooned to 65 fields, with more being added each year.  Clearly wrongthink. 

So now I’m trying to do it right.  Tables are: Parcels, Owners, Assessments, all related as shown.  The EAV field, Equalized Assessed Value, is the main field of interest.  In the Assessments table, there are multiple records for each Parcel, one for each TaxYear.  A new set of EAVs for each parcel is added once a year.  These multiple records are displayed in a Portal, defined in a Dashboard layout.  Seems to work fine. 

Now here’s where I’m stuck. For the current parcel, in addition to the year’s EAV, I want to display the percentage change of each year’s EAV relative to the previous year, and then to include that percentage change in the portal. The previous year TaxYearPrv is TaxYear-1, a new calculation field. That’s the Tax Year for a different record in the Assessment Table for the parcel, so I think I create a second table occurrence Assessments 2 of Assessments and relate  Assessments::TaxYearPrv to  Assessments 2::TaxYear, and then put Assessments 2::EAV into the portal. But it doesn’t work.  What I get is the same value for Assessments 2::EAV in every record in the portal. It’s the value from the earliest TaxYear for the very first parcel in the Parcels table, in case that helps. 

What to do? Clearly I’m missing something here. Also, while I’m asking, I’ll want a Summary field for TotalEAV for all parcels in the Found Set in the portal also, but I hadn’t gotten to that yet. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 9.05.27 AM.png

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