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creating templates...help!!!

Rick Edwards

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I am very new to Filemaker so I don't know if this is easy or not. How can I create my own templates and have a new file saved when the user opens it.


I really have no idea where to start.





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Why do you want to create a new version of your file everytime a new user opens it?


What kind of files are you trying to create?


What platform are you using?


Are you a business owner that wants to create a database to keep track of all your transactions?


Fill us in there are alot things to know before we can answer your questions properly.


If it is templates you are looking for there are some in your FMP folder. There are also alot of downloads available out there.


If you remain confused confused.gif you may want to talk to a consultant about what kind of system you need.

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I am creating a simple database for the user to keep track of their collections. There are different files available with a different layout in each. I will show the user graphic representations of each of these layouts in a "main menu" file. When the user selects the layout they would like to use, I would like a script to open that template file and prompt the user to save as a different name. That way, the template files stay intact and unaltered. This will be run on Windows and Mac



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Simply use the save copy as command in you tool bar.




Data File.fp5

to make a copy or a template if you will the saved new name might be

Choppers data file.fp5.


as far as which layout to go to in a script.



statuscurrentusername= "chopper"

go to layout [coolgray]


go to layout [main data entry]

End if



The user name is defined in the prefferences and to activate this script also go to preffences under document and click on perform script at startup and choose thie new script.


So when I log on it will go to my layout that I chose.



If you are on a network you can copy files from one computer to the other.

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If the user wants to use "template_001", I understand how to open the file "template_001" and have a startup script on it that runs the save copy as command, but when you save a copy, doesn't the original file stay open. So the user saves a copy of "template_001" as "my_collection", but "template_001" is still the open file. How can I close this file and open the file they just created without asking to user to open the file? Also, how can I turn this script off so when they open their newly created files, it doesn't prompt them to save a new file?



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