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New in Israel !!!

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Hi all


I started to use FMP two months ago.

I saw the potential , and started developing on it.

My first project was very big and complex for a company named "Comverse" (the biggest company in the world in its field!!).

It was a Lab managment/inventory/time sharing/financial multi-site.


I don't know if there are any other people in Israel that are using FMP, maybe I'm the first.


I want to become and FMP certified developer and start my own company (anybody wants to join??)

and maybe become Filemaker representative in Israel.


How can I get "certified"?



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David Head

The closest thing FileMaker offers to 'certification' is the FileMaker Professional Training Foundation Series:


Learn how to optimize the development, deployment and administration of real-world FileMaker solutions across any size organization.


Whether you are an in-house or professional developer, an IS/IT professional, or a power user, this carefully developed curriculum can help you:


Maximize your investment of time and capital by getting started under optimal conditions

More effectively harness the power of FileMaker products

Understand FileMaker's standard "best practices" guidelines

Avoid common pitfalls of solution development

Read more about it here. It is only offered in the USA at the moment. It is a new program.


However, I would be very concerned about anyone calling themselves a professional after two months. I have been using FileMaker for 12 years and I think I am getting pretty good at it now. wink.gif

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I am not a pro in FMP...far from it.

But i have extensive knowledge in programin, so it was much easier for me to learn FMP...

and I am a fast learner.


I think FMP has a great dill of potentiall, and I would gladly help anyone who needs help in developing something in FMP.

And as you said... I will need it just as anybody else....


Thoe I am sorry to hear that there is no trainig here in Israel.... Maybe we should do something about it?? smile.gif

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