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Multi-Table Summary

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Hello – I'm sure this is very simple, but I've not been able to solve it.

I have two tables for an interview questionnaire. One table is Profile (contact info) and the second table is Response. The two tables are related via one key.

In some questions I ask the interviewee to rank their response using a number from 1 to 5; I use a radio button. This particular field is Response_5. A separate text field, Response_5_Why, collects the verbatim comment. I conduct the interviews and use the database to record responses directly.

I want to have a scorecard at the bottom of the layout citing results to date from all the responses. I can easily average the Profile table's YearsOnJob (not radio), a simple number field, at the bottom of the layout. It's great to see at a glance how respondents are ranking things over time. 

In the Response table, I created a Summary/Average field AVG_Response_5 to average all the radio button Response_5 responses. But when I try to display AVG_Response_5, the average function doesn't seem to work -- I just get nothing or the selection made in the radio button in current record.  

I thought there was a relationship problem, scope of table problem and so I made AVG_Response_5 global, but still the same results. Then I created a AVG_Response_5 in the Profile table, made it global and pointed it to the AVG_Response_5 in the Response table. No better. 

So, I'm not able to average a number field in Response table and display in the layout used by both Profile and Response tables. 

Help! See attached screen shot. 

FileMaker Pro Screenshot.jpg

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