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Filemaker Pro Pro needed!

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I have a project for the right developer.


You will need to show strong examples demonstrating your expertise.


I can be reached at [email=stasekh@trinity-health.org

Project Description.


You can find something similar at www.carechoices.com. Find the directories section and check out how you find a physician.


Basic Functionality


To facilitate a smooth transition between the CD environment and the Care Choices Web site, this application is designed to be similar to the provider search function on the Web site.


There will be some introductory screens as well as static text and pictures presented as a user begins to explore the CD. Upon entering the searchable database of the providers, a screen offers a choice between searching for a Primary Care Physician, OB/GYN, or Referral Specialist.


Upon making a selection, a screen would appear with drop down lists that correspond to the the bulleted fields, shown in "Field List" below. The exception to this would be "Provider Name". This would not be a drop down list but would be a text field. The user could enter a last name or any portion of a last name as search criteria.


Default value of each list would be "All". The user would select from the lists in order to enter search criteria. Upon clicking a button, the search results would be displayed in a column/row format. Each row would display "Name" (last, first, middle, suffix, titles), "Legend", "Specialty", "City", and "Phone". A field would display the total number of records retrieved.


Clicking on a row would display a popup window with further detail on the provider and include all the fields listed in bold type shown in the "Field List", below. In this screen, provider name would be shown as first, middle, last, suffix, titles.


Field List


Following is a list of fields and descriptions unless obvious. All fields are "Text" fields. Not all these fields will be displayed in the application because there is little or no data available. These fields should be included for future enhancements. Only fields shown with a bullet will be displayed.


Bulleted fields indicate fields that search criteria could be applied.


Field Description


 PROVIDER_TYPE Primary Care Physician, OB/GYN, Referral Specialist, Facilities.


The following fields apply only to Primary Care Physicians, OB/GYNs, Referral Specialists.


 SPECIALTY These vary based on "Provider Type" (above).

GROUP_NAME Name of group, such as "Arbor Medical Group".

LEGEND 0-4 characters that indicate various attributes of the provider.

FIRST NAME First name.

MIDDLE NAME Middle name.

 LAST NAME Last name.

NAME SUFFIX Jr., Sr., etc.


QUALIFICATIONS No data available.

BUILDING Building name.

ADDRESS1 Street address.

ADDRESS2 Suite number, etc.

 CITY City.

STATE State.

 ZIP Zip code.

PRIMARY NAME No data available.

PRIMARY PHONE Phone number

SECONDARY NAME No data available.

SECONDARY PHONE No data available.

HOSP AFFILIATION Hospitals where providers have priviledges.

PROVIDER COMMENT No data available.

 COUNTY County. Would be used as a selection criteria but would not be displayed.

LANGUAGES Languages spoken.

OFFICE HOURS Office Hours.



The following fields apply only to Facilities.


 PROVIDER_TYPE Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Dialysis Facilities, Durable Medical Equipment/Prosthetic and Orthotic Services, Home Healthcare and Hospice Services, Laboratory Services, Outpatient Facilities, Physical Occupational and Speech Therapy Services, Radiology Services, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Urgent Care Facilities, Pain Management Services.


DIRECTORY_NAME Facility name.

QUALIFICATIONS Indicates membership in Trinity Health.


ADDRESS1 Street address.

ADDRESS2 Suite number, etc.

 CITY City.

STATE State.

 ZIP ZIP code


PRIMARY PHONE Phone number.




 COUNTY County

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This is my 1st time on this great site, so please forgive my lack of protocol.


Is this project "On Site" or "Networkable"?


Is it full time or spare time?


What is the deadline?


What the heck are all the radio buttons above this text box for...?


Please respond via eMail



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