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Law office (document mgmt) database project

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We have a litigation firm and would like to develop a database that wd allow us to move toward a paperless office. The tasks we wd like to accomplish include the following:


1. Scan client documents w/ a high speed auto feed scanner to a batch file in the database where a staff member wd complete id of the document or document group attaching it to a particular client file and index. The document wd be scanned as a PDF or TIFF and we wd also like to have the option to OCR the document to make it wp doc. Various document fields wd need to be part of a template used for identifying and otherwise explaining the document. We wd also need to be able to make annotations or sticky notes to the document that wd be searchable.


2. Link to transcripts of testimony taken by depositions of witnesses which wd be downloaded into the server memory and be able to perform text searches on the transcripts.


3. Create a database form or template that wd have various informational fields to complete w/ client and case information that cd also incorporate or link to and from spread sheets or word processing documents. This basic client info document wd also contain an index to the client documents scanned and made a part of the database as part of task 1. above.


4. Allow attorneys and staff to access the database via the internet thru a backdoor password protected access from our website and thereby be able to work on files from whereever there is a phone line.


5. Perhaps be able to allow our clients access to portions of the database file on their case, through our website and by client specific passwords, to see progress on the file.


We are trying to determine if these tasks cd be performed by programming either FileMaker Pro 5 Server Edition or 4D Server Edition v6.7 database programs and what the programming costs wd be? We are also wondering if there are previously established applications of the databases that cd be altered to fit all or some of the applications we wish to implement.


Pls let me know if you have any interest or info that may be of assistance. Thank you.


Doug Small

Foley & Small

1002 E. Jefferson Blvd.

South Bend, IN 46617


Fax - 219.288.4939

email - dsmall@foleyandsmall.com

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