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FM Pro 5.5 newly installed won't start


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I used to run FM Pro 3 from a network share on windows and recently got FM Pro 5.5. having only one licence i installed it locally on my machine.


when i went to lauch it nothing happened, I then looked at the processes and could see the FileMaker Pro.exe running but no application opened so I killed it and tried again... nothing.


i then rebooted... nothing more


i then uninstalled it, and deleted any trace of FileMaker in the registry (and there were a few from FM3), then i deleted the instalation directory and proceded to install again... NOTHING


i could still see it in the processes. WTH is wrong.


My system is Win2kp SP2


I then tried it on a similar machine (same OS) that never ran the FM3 from the network and it ran fine.......... mad.gifmad.gif


anyone have an idea ?

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I recently had a similar problem and turned it over to our IT department...they found a conflict with a Yamaha synthesizer program/Windows 2000p/FileMaker. Uninstalling the synthesizer took care of the problem.

Hope this works for you!


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Hey that's funny, I just got a new Dell Precision 330 and it had this Yamaha synth installed by default until i decided to reinstall without the Dell crap on it (they run faster like that)


i'll try it tomorrow to see if it works now


thanks laugh.gif

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