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Chayan Chakraborty

FMPURLSCRIPT is not working in filemaker runtime solution. Is there any suggestion.

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Chayan Chakraborty

Hi there, 

I am using webviewer(html,js) to capture signature by mouse or touch device, and put the signature in a container field using fmpurlscript feature and its working fine with the filemaker pro 15. 

But when I am creating a runtime solution, its not working. its saying unable to open the file which i am calling a filemaker script from the webviewer.(javascript). 

here is the code for calling a script:  

theURL= "fmp://$/test_bkp.fmp12?script=save_signature"+"&param="+theParam;

window.location.href= theURL;

I understand that test_bkp.fmp12 is not present in runtime solution, thats why its not working. But is there any way or tricks that I might do, please suggest. 


Thank you.

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Josh Ormond

The runtime files get renamed, so they don't have a .fmp12 extension anymore. That is one part of the problem.

Secondly, I think the only way I've seen it work, was using a plugin. MonkeyBreadSoftware's plugin I believe has something that handles this, but I've never used it myself.

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