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Custom Function help please


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Hey all!  I am trying to write a custom function to replace and/or substitute several items at once and I am having trouble with the syntax.

I need to take this input "Monday February 4 2019" and convert it to "2/4/2019". 

Basically I need to disregard the days of the week, replace the month text with the month number, and convert the spaces to slashes/

Any help would be greatly appreciated!    Thanks so much.

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Hi, you don’t need a custom function for that ... you can do it with a simple substitute function:


Substitute ( $dateSting ;

[“Monday ” ; “”] ;

[“Tuesday ” ; “”] ;

...etc. ...

[“January” ; 1 ] ;

[“February” ; 2 ] ;

... etc. ...

[“ “ ; “/“]



For good measure you might want to add multiple 


[“  “ ; “ “ ] ;

To convert multiple spaces to single spaces and finally wrap it all in a trim function. 


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Just noticed we’re in the fm 11 room ..... If fm 11 doesn’t support the [] syntax, just use nested Substitute ( Substitute ( .... ; m ; “”) ; t ; “”) functions.

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