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Financial calculation based on date of transaction

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I have a table of financial transactions that include dates and ID's.  This table has a relationship to a student table via the ID.  What I am looking to do is calculate the transaction fee (2% plus $.11) for the student based on the dates of the transactions,  When the transactions get created they are broken down into registration fee and tuition payments, but both of those will be on the same date and thus it is the total of those 2 transactions that are assessed the transaction fee (2% plus $.11).  There will slo be transactions on future dates that are stand alone transactions (no registration fee) and the transaction fee will need to be calculated.  I can sum the transactions for the student but obviously when I apply the transaction fee it will be incorrect if the transactions are done on different dates because each unique transaction date has a separate application of the $0.11 !!  I'm thinking a new relationship is the best way to proceed but can't quite envision the basis of that relationship...Any thoughts about how to proceed?



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My first thoughts on this would not to use a relationship, but flag those charges that are to charged interest, perform a find based on the "flag field," and then add a separate line item for the "2%+0.11" line item.  I envision this like a checkbook register. 

The flag field can take any form (number field = 0 or 1, or a text field = "yes" or "no") and would have a positive value (1 or "yes") at the time the entry is posted.  Once the interest item is added "reset" the flag field unless interest will be charged again on that item.

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