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Perform FIND of Summary field in portal

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Because I have found no CRM's that I really like I have been creating my own over the past year. I would consider my experience level pretty solid for an amateur. That being said, my question may have a simple answer, but I cannot seem to find it. Here goes.

I have my "NAME" table - those are my customers, potential customers, and generic customers. It is related to a Table Occurrence called "INVOICES". Each invoice is set up to a JOIN table that joins quantities/prices/etc. to a "PRODUCT" Table.  So the path of relationships is NAME - INVOICE - INVOICE/PRODUCTJOIN - PRODUCT. 4 table TO's in all.

My main NAME layout has many tabs, and all are working well, after MUCH work and testing. Portals, functionality, everything. I am now setting up a new layout based on this NAME table exclusively for ease of use in find requests, with no tabs - just 1 row portals for entry of find requests to all of my related tables. Everything is working well except for this one thing.

I have a SUMMARY field in my invoice portal that tells me the total of each invoice. So customer A may have one invoice for $700, another for $25, another for $200, etc. I want to be able to perform a find in my SUMMARY field, of, for instance all customers with invoice totals over $250. When I go into FIND mode however, these SUMMARY fields are not available. Not sure how to make this work. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I am posting a possible solution to my own question - as seems to be the case often I come up with something that shows promise after I pose the question. This seems to be working, but it is a bit late for me to do all the testing I would like.


I created a calculation in my NAME table, that simply = the SUMMARY field from the related table. All of the totals seem to be correct upon first perusal, and I am able to run a FIND in the field as well. If this is a 'best practices' solution please confirm - if not, please let me know if there is a better way.

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