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Populate a portal with a found set

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Hello there,

Before my brain turns entirely to mush need to ask for some help with a problem I’m having - let me explain.

I have a table called Schedule, and each record within it represents one day. There is a related table on the layout called Schedule_portal which is used to log if an employee has worked that day, so includes the date, employee name, number of hours worked and daily salary.

Then to summarise 1 week of salary entries I’d need to get the child entries from 7 Schedule records, which is where I’ve been having problems. I tried creating a separate TO of Schedule with a cartesian join to Schedule_portal so I can access all records in the portal. In these experiments the Schedule record was only being used as a platform to access the related portal records, and include fields to set the date range which needs to be searched.

I also tried having a separate TO of those tables with a 1 to many relationship but using the same key for all portal records, again with the aim of being able to access all Schedule_portal records from any Schedule record. I played around with multi keys / summary lists to try and do this but couldn’t get it to work, but think maybe this method has legs.

My final goal is basically to populate the portal with a found set of records based on a date range, but I’ve just not been able to accomplish it.   

I’m not locked into any particular way of doing this - if the goal can be accomplished another way I’d be happy to hear it, or if there is a way to do it with the structure above then great.


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Steve Martino

I think your final goal should just be a report based on the date range, shown in a list view (sub-summary report), based on the Schedule_portal TO.  Then this could be accomplished with finds.

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