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Record missing from portal

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I have two tables:

PurchaseOrders and PartsRequired

They are joined as follows:

PurchaseOrders::SupplierCode = PartsRequired::SupplierCode and

PurchaseOrders::RRNo = PartsRequired::RRNo

The PurchaseOrders layout contains a portal to display the records in the PartsRequired table meeting the criteria of the above join.

If a purchase order meeting the above criteria doesn't exist, a script creates one when triggered to by entering the SupplierCode into the appropriate field in the PartsRequired layout. This works perfectly.

If I then add a new record into the PartsRequired layout meeting the above criteria it doesn't appear in the portal. If however I enter layout mode on the PurchaseOrders layout and re position the fields in the portal, then return to browse mode, the record appears.

If I then add more records to the PartsRequired layout they all appear in the portal.

I don't understand why I need to change the portal design in order for it to work properly.

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I think I have found the problem. The positioning of fields within portals is so sensitive. So frustrating!!!

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